OVA Tetramer – SIINFEKL Tetramer

MHC tetramers for detection of OT-I cells that are SIINFEKL / Ova specific T cells


Ovalbumin (OVA) is a T Cell-dependent antigen that is frequently used as a model protein for studying antigen-specific immune responses in ovalbumin sensitized C57BL/6 mice or in TCR transgenic OT-I mice.


The murine T cell response to OVA is well characterized. Proteolytic processing of ovalbumin generates ovalbumin-derived peptide fragments of 8-10 amino acids including the immune-dominant SIINFEKL (Ser – Ile – Ile – Asn – Phe – Glu – Lys – Leu) (OVA 257-264) peptide responsible for eliciting a CD8+ antigen-specific T Cell response (also termed OT-I cells).


This ovalbumin-derived peptide fragment is displayed in the context of the MHC class I molecule H-2Kb specific for C57BL/6 mice. The resulting presentation of H-2Kb/SIINFEKL to T cells prompt a well-defined cellular immune response in these mice. Since the identification of SIINFEKL as the immune-dominant OVA peptide, numerous studies have described the use of H-2Kb/SIINFEKL MHC Tetramers.

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Cat. No. MHC type Pep. Seq. Antigen
MKb-001 H-2Kb SIINFEKL Ovalbumin

Specification of Tetramers

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