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Tetramer Shop is now offering a superior flexible Tetramer solution to the T cell researcher community.


Søren N. Jakobsen, founder and chief, explaining empty loadable MHC Tetramers


Free Empty Loadable Tetramer

Every month Tetramer Shop will offer 1 vial, 50 test, of Empty Loadable Tetramer for an innovative research proposal. To participate please state the following


  • Why:  In < 100 words explain why you research is important.
  • What: In < 100 words explain what you will do to address the important issue.
  • How: In < 100 words describe how you will experimentally do it.


The proposal must be described in non-confidential terms.


Send you proposal to no later than last day of the month.

Winners, based on originality and significance of proposal, will be announced here and personally contacted by mail.


Happy experimenting.