MHC monomer biotinylated

MHC Class I Monomers, biotin labeled


Tetramer Shop provides MHC Class I monomers for research and development.


Class I MHC Monomers from Tetramer Shop are provided labeled with biotin and can thus be readily adapted for specialist solid or solution based immunoassays or for measuring interactions between pMHC complexes and monoclonal antibodies, recombinant T cell receptors, or other pMHC binding molecules, e.g. for screening of antigen-specific CAR T cell antigen receptors.


Our stabilized empty MHC complexes provide a further advantageous and flexible tool for rapid screening of multiple pMHC specificities.


Application of biotinylated MHC monomers:


  • Alternative label MHC tetramers (e.g. DNA barcoded – or metal label MHC tetramers)
  • Antigen fishing (e.g. using empty MHC monomers and MS detection)
  • Plate/Chip coating (e.g. assays for screening of pMHC specificity)
  • Microfluidics based T cell assays
  • Immunization (e.g. raising TCR like antibodies)