License for MHC Tetramer technology

Tetramer Shop is founded on intellectual property and technology from Professor Sebastian H. Springer, Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany, and further developments in the laboratory of Professor Sine R. Hadrup, Technical University of Denmark.


Tetramers Shop holds an exclusive license from Jacobs University for the production and commercial use of disulfide-stabilized MHC.


Empty loadable MHC Tetramers for antigen flexible tetramer staining and assays. No UV cleavage – no peptide exchange. Just add peptide and instantly stain your T cell samples. This is of particular interest in immunotherapeutic procedures and when exploring proprietary antigens.


Any commercial use of disulfide-stabilized MHC for research, diagnostics development or therapeutic development will require a license agreement with Tetramer Shop.

MHC Tetramer reagents or MHC monomers purchased from Tetramer Shop can be used for commercial purpose without a license.

For inquiries about business or license, please contact Søren N Jakobsen, CEO,