Empty Tetramers

Faster, brighter, more flexible and down to €/$17 per antigen specificity using Empty MHC tetramers.


Our Empty Loadable Tetramer solution is an easy, fast, cost-effective product.


Our Empty Loadable Tetramers are not dependent on a peptide exchange factor and exchange of peptide or UV cleavage and exchange of UV-labile peptides.


Our Empty Tetramers are truly empty and ready to accept a peptide antigen – just add peptide and stain within minutes.


Our technology was recently published in Science Immunology.


MHC Tetramer aplication note Japanese


Key applications of Empty Tetramers

  • Conventional Tetramer staining assays.
  • Exploring T cell reactivity against neoantigens/neoepitopes.
  • Exploring proprietary peptide antigens that you do not wish to disclose.
  • Combinatorial multi-color flow cytometry for multiple T cell specificities.


Key benefits of  Empty Tetramers – Speed, flexibility and cost

  • Available as Empty Tetramers – just add peptide and instantly stain.
  • Worldwide shipping typically < 24 h from ordering.
  • Brighter staining due to proprietary stabilized MHC complex.
  • Freeze compatible formulation. You can aliquot and freeze.
  • Broadest range of colors – 19 available – custom colors can be provided.
  • €/$850 per 50 tests. Down to €/$17 per antigen specificity.


Empty Loadable Tetramer
Empty Loadable MHC Tetramer – Just add peptide and stain


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Cat. No. MHC type Pep. Seq. Antigen
MKb-016 H-2Kb Empty None
HA02-070 HLA-A*02:01 Empty None
HB07-017 HLA-B*07:02 Empty None
HA11-006 HLA-A*11:01 Empty None
HA24-025 HLA-A*24:02 Empty None
HA03-001 HLA-A*03:01 Empty None

What can Empty Loadable Tetramers be used for?

Empty Loadable Tetramers can be used just like conventional MHC Tetramers. However, they are supplied empty of peptide antigen and you have to add peptide before you can stain your T cells.


What is the advantage of Empty loadable Tetramers?

Besides the improved stability and brighter staining the major advantage is that you can instantly DIY your own Tetramer specificities just by adding a specific peptide antigen (See protocol). This is a dramatic increase in flexibility and can decrease your Tetramer expenses significantly.


The flexibility of Empty Loadable Tetramers make these reagents ideal for multi-color flow cytometry or combinatorial encoding and detection of multiple T cell specificities in a single sample. This is in particular advantageous when you are staining for multiple T cell specificities for neoantigens or proprietary peptide antigens.


MHC Tetramers for immunotherapeutic development.

Immunotherapy and vaccine development is largely dependent on tetramer technologies for epitope detection, monitoring of disease and progression of disease, monitoring of immunotherapeutic effect on disease-specific T cells and the aforementioned isolation, expansion and re-introduction of disease specific T cells into the patient.

Advantages of Tetramer assays

Tetramer assays allow physical isolation of the cells by fluorescence-activated cell sorter (FACS) and subsequent further study of sorted cells. As a flow-cytometry-based application, tetramers are also easy to use and have a short assay time. Tetramers also allow the antigen specific immune response to be analyzed in both animal models and in human.


Tetramer Specifications

Tetramer Shop supply MHC Tetramers in various test sizes and the colors PE, BV421, BUV395, APC-Cy™7, APC, BV510, BV480, PE-Cy™5, PE-CF594, PE-Cy™7, PerCP-Cy™5.5, PerCP, FITC, BV605, BV650, BV786, APC-R700, BB515 and BUV737. For other colors, please enquire.