CMV specific Tetramers

This tetramer product is for detection of CMV specific T cells

Human cytomegalovirus is a species of the Cytomegalovirus genus of viruses, which in turn is a member of the herpesviruses family. It is abbreviated hCMV or, commonly as CMV. It is also called human herpesvirus-5 (HHV-5). pp65 (ppUL83) and IE1 (UL123) are major constituents of both virions and noninfectious particles and constitute major antigens detected by our immune system.


Our main immune response to CMV is mediated by CMV-specific CD8+ T cells. Quantification of CMV-specific CD8+ T cells helps determine the CMV-specific immune status. pp65-specific Tetramers and IE1-specific Tetramers can accurately detect and quantify CMV-specific T cells in lymphoid cell preparations.


Tetramer Shop supply CMV-specific MHC Tetramers constituting immunodominant, well-characterized epitopes derived from the CMV pp65 and CMV IE1 antigens displayed in the context of MHC.


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Cat. No. HLA type Pep. Seq. Antigen
HA02-010 HLA-A*02:01 NLVPMVATV HCMV pp65 495-504
HA02-028 HLA-A*02:01 VLEETSVML HCMV IE1 316-324 (UL123)
HB07-015 HLA-B*07:02 TPRVTGGGAM HCMV pp65 417-426
HB07-008 HLA-B*07:02 RPHERNGFTVL HCMV pp65 265-275
HA24-013 HLA-A*24:02 QYDPVAALF HCMV pp65 341-349
HA24-021 HLA-A*24:02 VYALPLKML HCMV pp65 113-121


Clinical indications of monitoring CMV-specific T cells

40-80% of the world population is infected with CMV. After infection, the virus remains latent in healthy individuals under control by CMV-specific T cells. Latent virus represent a health risk for immunocompromised patients in lack of a sufficiently effective population of CMV-specific T cells. Patients in risk of CMV outbreak include Allogenic Stem Cell or Organ Transplant Patients, AIDS/HIV patients, elderly or neonatal patients.


Advantages of CMV-specific Tetramer assays.

CMV detection based on PCR and antigen-detection can examine viral burden and identify a CMV-reactivation. However, these assays cannot assess the patients’ capability to respond to CMV since they give no information regarding CMV-specific T cells. CD8 T cells are the main control against CMV-viremia and adequate levels of CMV-specific CD8 T cells are known to defend against CMV-disease.


Application of CMV-specific Tetramer from Tetramer Shop

Tetramers are useful for detection, enumeration and isolation of CMV-specific CD8+ T cells in a variety of Research Use Only (RUO) applications.

Tetramer specification

Tetramer Shop supply MHC Tetramers in various test sizes and the colors PE, BV421, BUV395, APC-Cy™7, APC, BV510, BV480, PE-Cy™5, PE-CF594, PE-Cy™7, PerCP-Cy™5.5, PerCP, FITC, BV605, BV650, BV786, APC-R700, BB515 and BUV737. For other colors, please enquire.